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Zinlori 75 - Product Image

Zinlori 75

Zinlori 75by Metagenics
60 Tablets

Zinlori 75 is a high potency, patenteda zinc-carnosine complex that supports the healthy ecology, natural defenses, and optimal cellular integrity of the gastric mucosal lining and relieves mild gastric discomforts.

  • Relieves gastric discomforts such as occasional heartburn and indigestion, upset stomach, mild nausea, bloating, belching, and burping.
  • Promotes a healthy gastric bacterial balance.
  • Provides antioxidant protection for gastric mucosal cells.
  • Helps maintain the integrity of the protective gastric mucosal lining by promoting healthy mucus secretion.
  • May inhibit damaging cytokine expression in gastric mucosal cells, without inhibiting prostaglandin production.
  • Gastro-supportive benefits demonstrated in over 20 published studies.
  • Same raw material used successfully by healthcare practitioners in Japan since 1994.
  • Clinically effective dosage in just two tablets.
  • The only 75 mg zinc-carnosine complex supplement sold in the United States exclusively through healthcare professionals.

    Each Tablet Supplies:

  • Zinc (as zinc-carnosine) 16 mg
  • Zinc-carnosine 75 mg
    Price:   $43.25 

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