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The Schwarzbein Principle Cookbook - Product Image

The Schwarzbein Principle Cookbook

The Schwarzbein Principle Cookbook Schwarzbein Diana, Deville Nancy, Evelyn Jacob

From the Publisher: Dr. Schwarzbein teams up with acclaimed professional chef Evelyn Jacob to whip up 300 delicious, healing recipes that prove that eating the Schwarzbein way doesn't have to be difficult, boring or fat-free!

With easy-to-follow directions, tips and comprehensive nutritional breakdowns, the book offers healthy entrees and accompaniments for any meal, with delicacies like: breakfast burritos, mushroom-gorgonzola omelettes with walnuts, chicken sate with peanut sauce, crustless quiche, hot artichoke cheese dip, pecan-baked brie, lobster bisque, Asian shrimp, mint pesto chicken, beef stroganoff, Thai basil beef, barbecued spareribs and kielbasa with sauerkraut. What People Are Saying:This is the cookbook to use to lose weight. Dr. Schwarzbein is in the vanguard of the new medicine. Her Five Step approach to balancing the hormones of the body and staving off the accelerated aging process works! Anyone who has battled weight problems, addictions, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes or high cholesterol levels should read this incredible book and benefit. Suzanne Somers u Suzanne Somers

When I had my liver transplant four years ago, I was diagnosed as diabetic and knew I had to make some serious eating and lifestyle changes. To my relief, after reading The Schwarzbein Principle I found that those changes were going to be pretty easy. I could eat all the red meat, eggs, butter and cream I wanted. I lost 25 pounds in five months and I look and feel better. My cholesterol level is the best it's ever been and I am healthier than I have been in years. I no longer have to inject insulin because my diabetes is under control.u Larry Hagman

Synopsis: Renowned physician Schwarzbein teams up with professional chef Evelyn Jacob Jaffe to whip up 300 delicious, healing recipes, proving that eating the Schwarzbein way doesn't have to be difficult, boring, or fat-free. Includes easy-to-follow directions and nutritional breakdowns.

Price:   $12.95 

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