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TOTAL CMOO by Nutri-West

Each tablet contains CMO (cerosomal-cis-9-cetylmyristoleate) 250mg

CMO is nature's answer to normalizing an overactive immune system. In 1971, the researcher H.W. Diehl made a startling discovery: Swiss Albino mice carried a natural substance, CMO, which prevented them from getting arthritis! Diehl then demonstrated that CMO also prevented arthritis in experimental animals susceptible to arthritis. Failing to interest pharmaceutical companies in his discovery, Diehl tried CMO on his own arthritis to find that 20 days later his arthritic symptoms were dramatically alleviated, along with remission in headaches and bronchitis. His daughter, hundreds of friends and members of his congregation, began taking CMO and reported improvements in rheumatoid arthritis, low back pain, tendonitis, bursitis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, milder forms of joint and soft tissue inflammation, and many other conditions (Levy, CMO, A 21st Century Solution to Arthritis. An Extraordinary Story about Cetyl Myristoleate, Santa Barbara, CA: JKM Enterprises, 2000: Chap 6).

In Siemandi's placebo controlled trial of 431 patients, 58% of patients taking CMO showed 75% improvement ('The effect of CMO and adjunctive therapy on arthritis and autoimmune disease: a randomized trial,' TLfD&P Aug Sept 1997:59-63). Other studies by Drs. Levy (2000) and Brimhall (2000) showed even greater results with the addition of liver detoxification, enzyme therapy, and natural anti-inflammatories raising CMO's success rate from 58% to 76-80% of the patients taking CMO.

CMO appears to normalize the immune system and stop the body's attack on its own healthy tissues no matter what the trigger for the autoimmune attack is, whether it is an allergic food trigger, excessive fat, or foreign substances from microbes. CMO also seems to have a lubricating effect allowing stiff joints to move more easily (Levy, 2000: Chap 8).

(90 tablet size)

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