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Raspberry BrainPower Sour 80-gram bag - Product Image

Raspberry BrainPower Sour 80-gram bag

If you like Starburst candy, you?ll love these chewy healthy raspberry flavored treats sweetened with Xylitol, the natural and beneficial sweetener that has a glycemic index of 7 and which supports the health of teeth and gums.* Each 40 g serving also contains an amazing 500 mg carnitine as well as 100 mg glycerophosphocholine (GPC), and 100 mg inositol. Brain Power Sours are perfect for kids and people of all ages who want to support their brain wellness and nourish their serotonin system. Designs for Health sticks to its promise to never use artificial or unhealthy sweeteners. Brain Power Sours are sugar-free and fructose-free. Since they don?t impact blood sugar and insulin, they may be recommended for those with diabetes. These utterly unique chewy candies are by far the most enjoyable way to give those you love, and yourself, these important brain nutrients every day.

Price:   $6.00 

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