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Pro-Infla-Zyme - Product Image


Supportive Action:
An comprehensive enzyme based inflammatory & pain support product with synergistic herbs specifically for athletes. Formulated by Dr Evan Mladenoff, doctor of chiropractic for the Kansas City Chiefs. Enzymes break down platelet aggregation and they convert fibrin in to harmless fibrinopeptide. This way the blood can be free from the build-up of metabolic wastes (lactic acid, interferons, interleukins, bradykinnins, etc) allowing improvement of blood circulation and thus rapid healing can occur. This supplement is best used for the repetitive stress of athletics or repetitive stress work injuries. Arthridities (arthritis) require a different approach to inflammation reduction.

Each Capsule Contains: Vitamin C 65mg, Protease 50,0001-IUT, Bromelain 384,000 FCCPU, Protease 6.42 SAPU, Cellulase 100 CU, Bladderwrack Algae 75mg, Turmeric (rhizome) Extract 60mg, Astragalus (root) 50mg, Horsetail (herb) 50mg, Citrus Bioflavonoids 40mg, Rosemary (standardized) (herb) Extract 10rng,

60 capsules

Suggested Dosage:
For the athlete; two capsules within thirty minutes before event (exercise/training/play) and two capsules within 15 minutes after the event. Do not take with food (10 minutes before or after) as food will react with the enzymes and inactivate them before they get to your circulatory system.

For the work related environment; two to six capsules a day between meals during working hours and immediately after.

Avoid directly before and after surgery.

Price:   $32.00 

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