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HYPO-D - Product Image


Supportive Function: Hypo-D might be chosen by the individual with insufficient acid secretion who is looking for additional HCL and digestive enzyme support.

Ingredients: Each Two-Phase Tablet supplies: Phase one (Stomach): Betain HCL 155mg, L-Glutamic Acid HCL 100mg, Pepsin 105mg, Papain 50mg, Phase two (Duodenum): Pancreatin 100mg, Pancrelipase 50mg, Amylase 30mg, Bromelain 30mg, Ox Bile 65mg, Parotid 2mg

Vegetarian: No

Quantity: 90 Tablets

Suggested Dosage: 1-2 tablets 3 times daily; take with meals.

Contraindications: Do not take in the presence of an ulcer.

Size: 90 tablets

Price:   $24.00 

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