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Fair Trade Rainforest Blend

Fair Trade Rainforest Blend

Organic Coffee - Rainforest Blend

A perfectly rounded blend yielding a medium bodied, complex flavor. Certified shade-grown by the Rainforest Alliance. Shade grown coffee is beneficial for both the environment and for the local birds and wildlife that make their homes in the rainforests and cloudforests of Central and South America.

Notes on Ground Coffee: If you choose ground coffee, we'll grind it to a medium-fine ground that works best in automatic drip brewers with a paper filter. If you'd like your coffee ground in another way, please note this in the customer notes section during checkout. A small amount of weight may be lost during the grinding process.

Size: 12 oz

Roasting Notes

Organic Coffe Company has a proprietary roasting system that combines age-old artistry with modern technology to roast each coffee to perfection, each and every time. Our roast profiles call for numerous adjustments to temperature and air flow over the elapsed time of each roast. And it varies by type of bean, time of year, temperature, and weather. We don't just push a button and hope for the best.

The Roasts:

Regular (Full-City): Our standard roast. Develops the beans to their fullest flavor point. Full-bodied, slightly sweet, well-rounded.

French Roast: One of our most popular, the 'Left Coast Roast'. Roasted past the pop and sizzle, until the beans are very dark brown and very oily. Intense coffee and smoky flavors.

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