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Complete ChildrenAEs Co-Factor (Chewable) - Product Image

Complete ChildrenAEs Co-Factor (Chewable)

Supportive Function:
Pleasant tasting chewable tablet. ChildrenAEs Co-Factors provide for the proper absorption and utilization of Omega 3 fatty acids. Co-Factors support the growing systems of children and also support the heart, mitochondria, and normal cholesterol/homocysteine levels, in addition to being an excellent anti-oxidant/anti-aging formula. Contains NO excitotoxins!

Each Chewable Tablet Supplies: Vitamin B-1 4mg, Vitamin B-2 4 mg, Vitamin B-6 4 mg, Vitamin B-12 (methylcobalamin) 25 mcg, Folic Acid 75 mcg, Vitamin C 25 mg, Magnesium (as chelate) 3 mg, Reduced L-Glutathione 5 mg, Co-Enzyme Q-10 250 mcg, Alpha Lipoic Acid 250 mcg. In a base of organic honey, agave nectar, xylitol, and natural orange flavor.

Vegetarian: Yes

Quantity: 60 Chewable Tablets

Suggested Dosage:

Children ages one to three, 1 tablet per day, ages three to six, 2 tablets per day (one in AM and one in PM), ages six to twelve, 1 tablet 3 x day, or as directed

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Price:   $18.00 

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