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Chlorella Caps - Product Image

Chlorella Caps

Chlorella Caps by Biotics

Chlorella is a naturally occurring algae that has a long history of consumption by humans and is a rich source of many nutrients. Rather than being a single specific nutrient with a specific application, Chlorella enjoys a wide range of applications.

Chlorella is a basic food. In fact, it's one of 'THE most basic' foods on Earth because it comes primarily from simple single cell algae plants that grow in fresh water. You might even think of it as an almost perfect food because it helps:

  • support yourimmune system
  • detoxify heavymetals and pesticides from your body
  • improves yourdigestive system
  • decreases thelikelihood of constipation
  • increase yourlevel of focus and concentration
  • boost yourenergy level
  • balance yourblood sugar and blood pressure
  • eliminate badbreath
  • fightcancer

How much should I take?

Three grams per day is a good maintenance dosage of Chlorella for a person to take. With this amount, you will not notice significant changes, however, your body will get many of the nutrients it must have to function properly such amino acids (protein), vital minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and enzymes.

However, a person taking 5-7 grams per day is quite common and at this level you will notice significant changes in digestion, energy and overall health.

If you choose to take about 3 grams per day, each capsule in the 180 capsule container of the contains 450 mg, so that means you should take between 6-7 capsules per day.

180 Capsules - 36 mg/each

Price:   $20.00 

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