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CORE LEVEL IRON - Product Image


Supportive Function:
Iron deficiencies sometimes manifest themselves as muscle weakness, fatigue, itching of skin, pale nail beds, lactose intolerance, impaired wound healing, reduced resistance to infection, etc. This formula also contains Vitamin C to aid in iron assimilation.

Each Tablet Supplies: Iron (as peptonate) 25mg, Vitamin C 75mg, Vitamin B-1 10mg, Vitamin B-12 200mcg, (Cobalt equiv. 8 mcg), Calcium (as chelate) 40mg, Copper (as chelate) 3mg, RNA 20mg, Betaine HCL 10mg, Nutri Calcarea Sulphurica 20mg, L-Phenylalanine 20mg, L- Alanine 10mg, Gotu Kola (root) 20mg, Stomach 45mg, Adrenal 25mg, Spleen 15mg, Orchic 10mg.chic 10mg.

Vegetarian: No

Quantity: 60 Tablets

Suggested Dosage: 1 tablet 3 times daily

Female/male glandulars are contraindicated in cancers of the reproductive organs. Do not use in PKU (contains phenylalanine).

Price:   $23.00 

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