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Blue Agave - Natural Sweetener - Product Image

Blue Agave - Natural Sweetener

Volcanic Nectar's Blue Agave is a low glycemic sugar substitute that is 4 times sweeter than table sugar. You can pour it over pancakes or mix it in with recipes!

Recent studies of Blue Agave have proven that Volcanic Nectar is Diabetic Friendy, contains no artificial fillers (like other mislabeled brands) and is the only agave that has been tested in the United States by a FDA recognized company to have a Glycemic Index of 27! More Info (Click Here)

Size: Agave Squeezable (8.45 oz)

This is the product that Dr. Oz talked about on the Oprah show.

Glycemic Value of Volcanic Nectar's Blue Agave Nectar compared to other sugars:


Organic Blue Agave Nectar:     27
Safe For Diabetics:     <55
Honey:     83
High fructose corn syrup:     89 (Found in many so called 'pure' agave's from Mexico)
Sucrose:     92
Glucose:     137
Glucose tablets:     146
Maltodextrin:     150
Maltose:     150

Glycemic Load of our Agave Nectar 1.6

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