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Apex Energetics : 
A-11 EnviroProtect - Product Image

A-11 EnviroProtect

A-11 EnviroProtect by Apex Energetics
Price:   $15.50 

Antitox - Product Image


Apex Energetics Antitox

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    Price:   $15.50 
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    D-3 Lvr Drn - Product Image

    D-3 Lvr Drn

    D-3 Lvr Drn by Apex Energetics
    Price:   $15.50 

    K-1 Glysen - Product Image

    K-1 Glysen

    K-1 Glysen GLYSEN is a powerful formula clinically validated to support insulin receptor sensitivity and healthy blood sugar metabolism, prepared in a potent blend of plant enzymes.
    Price:   $37.30 

    K-10 Metacrin-DX - Product Image

    K-10 Metacrin-DX

    K-10 Metacrin-DX Metacrin-DX provides a rich mix of key vitamin substrates and amino acids required for Phase I and Phase II detoxification. It also contains clinically validated herbs that support healthy detoxification reactions, hepatic cell growth, and RNS synthesis.
    Price:   $23.00 

    K-11 Bilemin - Product Image

    K-11 Bilemin

    K-11 Bilemin BILEMIN provides lipotropic nutrients and herbal compounds that stimulate bile synthesis, enhances bile formation, bile secretion, stasis and elimination. It is very useful as part of any detoxification program. Also very useful for those with galstove type symptoms and can also help normalize the digestive process in people who have had their gallbladder removed.
    Price:   $18.30 

    K-12 Thyroxal - Product Image

    K-12 Thyroxal

    K-12 Thyroxal THYROXAL is a broad spectrum supplement that contains Porcine, the highest quality thyroid glandular. It also contains, amino acids, fatty acids, co-enzymes and a rich mix of herbal compounds that enhance thyroid hormone physiology promoting T3 and T4 production as well as thyroid hormone receptor binding stimulating energy production. Extreamly benefitial for those with hypothyroid symptoms such as low or lack of energy.
    Price:   $27.40 

    K-13 ProGlyco-SP - Product Image

    K-13 ProGlyco-SP

    K-13 ProGlyco-SP PROGLYCO-SP provides a broad spectrum of glandular, mineral supplements that improve conditions for better blood sugar level control. This formula also provides a high level of the most effective antioxidants that protect the body against the damages caused by oxidized blood glucose such ad vascular and neurological damage.
    Price:   $30.50 

    K-14 Methyl-SP - Product Image

    K-14 Methyl-SP

    K-14 Methyl-SP METHYL-SP provides the major nutrients and cofactors in effective amounts necessary for methylation reactions. It also helps to metabolize homocysteine and bile synthesis. This product is strongly recommended for all women that use oral contraception because it contains the essential nutrients depleted while on the pill.
    Price:   $22.50 

    K-15 AdrenaStim - Product Image

    K-15 AdrenaStim

    Adrenastim by Apex Energetics is a revitalizing cream designed to support healthy adrenal function. It is a metabolic cream that supports the adrenals by using transdermal delivery directly into the blood stream bypassing the liver and the gastrointestinal tract. This product can be used to increase energy, promote healthy blood sugar levels and better immune function. it contains DHEA, pregnenolone and other rejuvanative ingredients.

    2 oz. Cream

    Revitalizing Cream Supports Individuals That Have Developed Adrenal Exhaustion.

    Price:   $32.95 

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